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Voice Lessons.

All Contemporary Styles!

  • Develop better breath support, improve your singing technique  

  • Strengthen your tone and extend your vocal range

  • Improve your pitch accuracy and melody recall

  • Discover how to deliver a lyric and sing from the heart

  • Find your own unique, natural voice!

  • Live performance opportunities!


= First Lesson 50% off =

UNT educated, experienced live and studio vocalist available for lessons with students of all ages and ability levels. 


My name is Hale Baskin. I’m a vocalist from San Francisco with over a decade of live performance and studio experience. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to both lead and sing in ensembles which have played both nationally and internationally. About six years ago, I saw the light and moved to Denton to study jazz at UNT and take advantage of the wonderful musical opportunities the DFW area has to offer!  I teach all contemporary singing styles including pop, rock, soul, jazz, blues, country, folk, and indie.


Each student has the opportunity to participate in at least three public performances per year with a live band of professional musicians. This provides wonderful experience both for students who aspire to be professional musicians themselves and for those who simply want to build confidence in front of an audience! Students will have the chance to rehearse with their accompanist and learn microphone and performance techniques before the show.


Lessons take place in my home studio in Denton, Tx. 



  • Ages 3-8 Children’s Lesson: $25 ....  30 minutes

  • Ages 9+ Short Lesson: $30 ....  45 minutes

  • Ages 9+ Regular Lesson: $40 ....  60 minutes



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