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A Boutique Party Band Experience

The Southpaw Preachers are not your typical party band.


For one thing, they don’t just perform covers. They’ve performed original pieces by Music Director and keyboardist Colin Campbell, and their impressively wide repertoire means that they’re able to play both old favorites—and your next favorites.


But really, you’ve never heard covers like this. The Southpaw Preachers are a high-energy and gritty funk act that draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of soul, funk, blues, pop, hip hop, R&B, and hard-hitting rock & roll to craft original arrangements of their catalogue of both well-known and obscure tunes.


Like a one-night stand that turned into the best relationship you’ve ever had, the Southpaw Preachers were originally formed in 2015 for a single performance at the opening of Harvest House in Denton. But the group realized they had a good thing going, and this was an opportunity to channel their creative genre-bending into an ongoing gig.


Since then, the band has changed shape and size but never lost the original wild sound that the Dentonite calls “a purely exhilarating . . . funky composite.” The Southpaw Preachers currently consists of nine main members:

  • Hale Baskin – Vocals

  • Colin Campbell – Music Director, Keyboards/Bass

  • Ethan Stalbaum – Guitar

  • Chris Hill – Drums

  • Devin Eddleman – Saxophone

  • Julian Sutherland – Saxophone

  • Christian Ortiz – Saxophone

  • Kenny Davis – Trombone

  • Jordan Carr – Trumpet


The Southpaw Preachers have played countless clubs and festivals across the central US, and are available to travel anywhere in the United States for private events. Whether performing a formal awards banquet or a relaxed backyard party, their catchy sound, exemplary musicianship, and friendly professionalism have set them apart in the Texas music scene since their inception.


Catch their next show on the calendar page, and don’t forget to check out their music videos and studio performances for a taste of the Southpaw Preachers’ unique and groovy sound.

Several band packages are offered to fit nearly any budget or venue size. Please click the icon to the left to download a menu.

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